Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Timbuk2 Studios Website

Timbuk2 Studios has a new website for 2011 !

You can visit to see it. If you are an artist or art director, there are some helpful articles from artists like Bill Perkins, Art Director who has worked on a dozen feature animation projects and our very own Matt Hall has some step by steps on the website as well. Additionally you will find a great article from Technical Art Director, Dave Prout on a "Closer Look at Crunch" from somebody who has survived his fair share of crunch times as a lead on several AAA game projects.

Timbuk2 Studios and Game Informer

Below is a GI cover that we did for Epic Mickey. It was massaged a bit internally by some of the great staff artists at Junction Point. I'll upload the original one that we did as well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We have a new website which features our logo. The website is somewhat temporary while we figure out how we are going to design the longer term version. The main thing is that we wanted to get something up and going so our colleagues and prospective clients could see what the studio is about. The website is located here:

We would appreciate any feedback you have....thanks.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now Departing for Timbuk 2

Hello friends and colleagues,

It's my pleasure to announce the formation of a new concept art group located in the stunning beauty of the Texas Hill country. We are beginning our maiden voyage with just 2 aboard, but are excited about the distinct possibility that others may join us as we expand and head to new ports of call in the months and years ahead.

Timbuk 2 Studios has been many years in the making and I guess one could say has always been in our hearts. Both Matt and I ( Jon ) have spent many years discovering and honing ourselves for this very event...and now it is upon us.

Matt will begin a couple weeks ahead of myself on August 1st and I will follow him on Aug 12th to begin working on some exciting new projects that we have lined up.

So, in the spirit of all great adventures we want to thank you for your support and well wishes. We hope to send you periodic postcards and letters from our journeys. Thanks again, stay tuned and hopefully you will find that adventure will come knocking at your door. ( hopefully not knocking too hard )

Best Regards,

Jon Gregerson